Privacy Policy

Private information recorded on our site is used to increase the customer’s purchase experience and is handled with the utmost care. We make sure that any information collected is secure and protected.

Why do we collect personal information?
We track IP addresses to see how visitors move around on our website, what links they click on, and where they came from. This information allows us to tailor our website and increase usability for you, the customer. We hope that this information creates a clean and simple user experience.

What Information is Collected?
The information you enter, in the case of a purchase, will be recorded such as your name, Postal/ ZIP code, email, address, IP address, and type of payment used for purchase. The sellers we have contracts with use the same care and security we take with your personal information.

Our Promise to You
We will never intentionally collect information from minors or those who wish not to have information collected. We will also never resell, lend, rent, or release to anyone or any other company except by way of force from law enforcement.

We will communicate with customers through email. The emails will be in regards to transaction receipts, customer support and direct tech support. We will send an email to you as a customer, if you wish to receive information from us, under a few conditions including feedback, purchase details, and updates to software.

By purchasing one of our products you agree to this privacy policy and we agree to uphold your information with the greatest security.

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