Why Is My Game Loading Too Slow?

Gamepad1Have you experienced playing an online game but everything moves very slowly? It’s like watching a movie in slow motion. You’re trying to control your character but everything is dragging by like robots in a stance. If this is exactly what you experience in every single game that you play, it might not be caused by the server or the network that you’re in. It could be because of your video drivers.

Video drivers control the computer’s graphical interface. It determines the color, contrast, and brightness of the images that you see on the screen. The video card inside your computer is equipped with video drivers for it to work seamlessly with the monitor and your operating system.

Video cards can be bought at computer shops. There are so many of them out there. The high end ones have bigger memory and faster processors for a better game play experience. However, no matter how good your hardware is, if it isn’t loaded with the right drivers, you’re not going to get the best possible performance out of it.

This is why when you buy video drivers it normally comes with a disc that needs to be installed prior to attaching the video card inside the computer. Be careful that you run the disc first before doing anything. Windows has a database full of drivers loaded into its system. When it detects a new video card has been installed, it would go ahead and load the generic drivers it sees compatible for it. This is when problems occur.

While the generic Windows drivers would work most of the time, it cannot maximize the performance of the video card at all. Windows may load correctly and internet surfing may be a breeze. But when it comes to highly intensive graphical applications such as online gaming, the problem becomes evident. Slow loading of games is just one of many issues you will encounter if the proper drivers are not loaded for the video card.

This is also the reason why driver updates is necessary. If you buy a brand new video card, be sure to keep the CD that contains its drivers. If you have already lost it, you can always go back to the manufacturer’s website or third party providers to obtain a copy of the driver’s latest version. This way, you can be ensured of your computer’s optimum performance, even if you are gaming heavily.

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